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Alliance Française around the world:
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Each Alliance Française is a local not-for-profit organisation operating autonomously with no political or religious commitments.
All Alliances Françaises work towards three essential tasks:

- Offering French classes for all, both in France and abroad
- Spreading awareness of French and Francophone culture
- Promoting cultural diversity

Alliances Françaises have shared values which drive the network, acting as the basis for all their actions:

- Respect for cultural diversity, a passion for exchanges and solidarity
- The values of the not-for-profit sector
- Conviviality
- Striving for excellence in all activities undertaken
- Modernity and innovation


Alliance Française has a foothold in Malaysia since 1961. It has two centers, one in Kuala Lumpur and one in Penang. It is not only a unique language center whose reputation is firmly established but also an exceptional social and cultural environment, with multiple events throughout the year. Strategically located, Alliance Française de Penang is housed in a fully-renovated 1970s corner house in a pleasant neighbourhood of George Town (off Burma Road near Union School).

Some of the facilities offered are: cafeteria, multimedia library open to all, exhibition/screening room. It aims at gathering French-language enthusiasts from Malaysia, France and other countries, and fostering exchanges between the two communities. It offers free parking facilities.

Patron: Dato' Renji Sathiah
President: Toh Lee Hong
Vice-President: Priscilla Charles-Chee
Treasurer: Jonathan Chapman
Bina Rai
Alexandre Schoemann
Cecile Francken
Adrian Kessler


Clotilde Vento
Always keen on discovering new languages and new environments, Clotilde has developed her career in various countries, dedicated to her work teaching French and managing cultural and educational projects. Fond of Asia and particularly attached to its inhabitants, its food and its way of life, she joined Alliance française de Penang as Director in 2016. Clotilde is proud to participate in bringing the multiculturalism of Penang and the culture of France closer together.
Yann Buisson-Bergeret
Before he finds its way in Malaysia 3 years ago, Yann worked as an IT Consultant, in France, Senegal, Kosovo, Switzerland, UK... He spent one year traveling and working through Asia, from Russia to Malaysia, through Mongolia, China, Nepal, India, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand, He enjoys working and living in a multicultural environment because he loves to be surprised (good surprises only, merci). Since August 2015, Yann is working as a French teacher at Alliance française de Penang.
Amandine Gaston
After years working as a French teacher in Asia (mostly Indonesia and China) but also in France, Amandine arrived at Alliance française de Penang in 2016. With a passion for Asian cultures, Amandine loves discovering small places to practice the local languages such as Bahasa and Chinese. She has experience with different kind of learners of French as a foreign language and will help the students to improve their skills while enjoying their time at AF Penang.


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