Priscille Lasémillante


Priscille is the newest member of AF Penang. She arrived in November 2020. She has been working in South-East Asia for the last 8 years. 6 years in Vietnam as Attachée for the French language at l'Institut français du Vietnam and 2 years in Laos as head of Institut Français du Laos - antenne de Luang Prabang.

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Shahid Shukri

Assistant to the Director

Shahid started to work at AF Penang in June 2019. Born in Georgetown, Penang and after few years of studying French language and linguistics in Kuala Lumpur, and travelling around, he is now back in Penang. Shahid is jovial, carefree and insouciant fellow. Approach him at our reception. He will answer your questions, so ask away!


Thibault Miyagi


Thibault discovered his passion for teaching and travelling after an experience in Japan when he was 19. He decided to get back home at Montpellier to pass his diploma and start his adventure. Since then, he has worked in Australia, Russia, Brazil, in China, in Nepal and now, in Penang. He loves meeting, sharing and learning from his students. About Hobbies, he is a huge fan of music, sports, photography, social sciences and many others. He is looking forward to meet you all at the Alliance Française de Penang.

Photo Marion Iacovazzi

Marion Iacovazzi


Marion arrived at the Alliance francaise de Penang in July 2019. Before that, she has taught French in Norway, Macau and Nepal. As far as she can remember, she always wanted to be a teacher and her passion for travelling gives her the chance to do the job that she likes while discovering the world and its different cultures. Marion also likes music (she played the violin for more than 10 years and she just started to play the guitar) and nature. She is really happy to be in Penang and she can't wait to discover Malaysia, meeting its people, walking in its landscapes and tasting its food.