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Annaëlle Hoarau


Annaëlle is from a French island called Réunion. Ever smiling and curious, she has been working in Asia and Africa and discovering the different cultures in both continents. She joined Alliance Française de Penang team in 2018. She describes herself as an avid traveller and a passionate teacher and says that she is delighted to be in Penang as it is a cultural melting pot with amazing food. Her hobbies include baking cakes and cookies, sewing and knitting. She is also keen on learning new languages.

Serafina Zuraida Binti Rosli

Secretary & assistant to the Director

Serafina Zuraida binti Rosli is a Penang Island Girl, as she likes to describe herself. Friendly, cheerful and thoughtful, she is sharing her positive attitude since 2017 at AFP. Graduated from KDU Penang in Mass Communication, she is continuously enriching her knowledge with new courses and has an appetite for learning. Since very young, Serafina likes to go hiking and practice other sports. She enjoys traveling alone or with family and friends and wishes to discover the whole world!


Amélie Gicquel


New in this part of the world, even though she has wonderful memories of her early travelling in Southern Asia, Amélie arrived at Alliance Française de Penang in 2017. Definitely in search of smaller structures where it´s possible to get in touch with locals and lovers of her home ports, Alliance Française de Penang appeared as a great opportunity to get a sense of a different flow. After a couple of years in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, there´s nothing more appealing than a multicultural Asian abode. Her teaching skills got developed alongside with her appetite for arts and drama. There is nothing that is impossible to learn as long as you´re ready for it!

Pauline Marty


After teaching in France and in Japan, Pauline joined Alliance Française de Penang's team in 2017. Penang is her second home and it´s here that she can fulfill her enthusiasm for Malaysian cultures. She is a real passionate for languages and can´t stop learning new ones: Japanese, Mandarin and now Bahasa Malaysia. Her passions beside teaching are painting and travelling. She wishes to travel and teach all around Asia and hope that students can have a convivial time while learning French and improving their skills.

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Alice Iglesias


Alice arrived in Penang for Christmas of 2018. As the rest of the team, she enjoys travelling and had the opportunity to teach in Europe, North and South America and Asia before coming to Penang. In Asia, she worked for 2 years and a half in Beijing where she started learning Mandarin. She hopes she can practice it here and improve on it. She adores South America and all the culture that floats around. She also enjoys dancing to the rhythm of Spanish latino songs. She speaks Spanish fluently. She is already in love with Penang, its inhabitants, its hills and its sea.

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