DELF and DALF are a set of official French proficiency tests administered by the Centre international d’étude pédagogiques. In addition to allowing you to opt out of a French university’s language entrance exam, having one of these French certificiations looks good on your CV. If you are interested in obtaining an official document proclaiming your French language skills, keep reading.

The DELF/DALF is the French equivalent of the English proficiency test TOEFL, but the tests for these two languages are quite different. TOEFL certification, which is offered by Educational Testing Services, requires that candidates take a 2- to 4-hour test, after which they receive a TOEFL score indicating their level of proficiency. In contrast, DELF/DALF certification consists of multiple levels. Rather than a score, DELF/DALF candidates work to obtain one of six diplômes from the Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche: DELF A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Each of these certificates tests the four language proficiencies (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), based on the levels of the Cadre européen de référence pour les langues. There is no score; the French speaker’s proficiency is identified by the highest certificate s/he has obtained. The diplomas are independent, meaning you do not need to take all six – proficient speakers can start at whatever higher level they qualify for. Younger French learners are offered similar but separate tests: DELF, version junior and DELF scolaire.

For details about DELF/DALF, including descriptions of the tests in each unit; access to sample topics; and information about test centers (in some 150 countries), schedules, and fees, please visit the official DELF/DALFwebsite.

DELF/DALF examination price:

A1 – RM 195

A1.1 Prim – RM 100

A1 Prim. – RM 110 


A2 – RM 230

A2 Prim. – 120 

B1 – RM 310

B2 – RM 350

C1 – RM 500

C2 – RM 600

DELF/DALF examination time table:

DELF/DALF tout public

Written exam: March 03

Oral exam: March 03

Registration period:

Jan. 07 – Feb. 09

DELF/DALF tout public
DELF junior
DELF prim

Written exam: June 16

Oral exam: June 16 to 23

Registration period:

Apr. 13 – May. 18

DELF/DALF tout public

Written exam: November 17

Oral exam: November 17 to 24

Registration period:

Sep. 08 – Oct. 19