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General French Courses for Adults

Grands Débutants

If you want to start learning French from the bottom up, you’ve come to the right place!

These 10-week classes are designed to give students an ‘aperçu’, introduction to French language. Have a nice time discovering French with us!

Course fees

1 term (10 weeks – 20 hours) : RM 480


Textbook & workbook (used for 3 terms) : RM 85

Beginner level – A1

  • You understand and you know how to use some very simple familiar expressions that help you satisfy basic needs (ordering something to drink or eat for instance).

  • You know how to answer simple questions, like what is your name, or where do you live?

  • You can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Courses structure – 2 sub-levels of 30hours per term

A1.1 (after having completed the “Grand Débutants” course) & A1.2

Elementary level – A2

  • You understand common sentences that are widely used (e.g. personnal information, questions about shopping, about your immediate environment…)

  • You successfully communicate about simple tasks, familiar topics and matters of immediate need.

  • You are quickly lost as soon as the topic gets more complex or unfamiliar. People speaking too fast also represent a problem.

Course structure – 4 sub-levels of 33hours per term

A2.1 to A2.4

Course fees

1 term (10 weeks – 30 hours) : RM 750


Textbook & workbook (used for 3 terms) : RM 185

Course fees

1 term (11 weeks – 33 hours) : RM 825


Textbook & workbook (used for 3 terms) : RM 185

Intermediate level

Intermediate level – B1

  • You understand anything that is said clearly and refers to pretty standard terms (work, education, hobbys, etc).

  • Travelling through a French speaking country should be easy and unproblematic.

  • You successfully communicate about familiar topics and things you are interested in.

  • You can describe events, experiences, goals and provide arguments to support your ideas.

 Course structure – 4 sub-levels of 38.5hours per term

B1.1 to B1.4

Independant level – B2

  • You understand the essential content of any abstract or pratical communication, even in a complex text with a link to your job and speciality.

  • You are at ease to communicate in a spontaneous way. You can work in French and there will be not hiccups in your communication with French people.

  • You can express yourself in a clear and detailed way on a wide range of topics. You can give your opinion on current affairs and outline the drawbacks and advantages of doing anything.

Course structure –  5 sub-levels of 38.5hours per term

B2.1 to B2.5

Course fee B1 & B2 levels

1 term (11 weeks – 38,5hours) : RM 860


Textbook & workbook (used for 4 terms) : RM 185

Other fees – Access to the library & e-library Culturethèque

Yearly Membership for all our students: RM 60

4 Sessions per year: January, April, July & October

The next term starts on 02 July 2022

You cannot attend any of our group classes or you want special attention?

Contact us for private classes! ​

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