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Fonds d’Alembert 2022

La Nuit des Idées / Night of Ideas 2022

Green spaces in urban areas: the importance of preserving natural landscapes in cities

Three experts shared their knowledge and experiences in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur: Rina Omar (Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur), Ceelia Leong (Think City), Eric Olmedo (Institute of Ethnic Studies, UKM) and moderator Thary Gazi Goh (Urban Biodiversity Initiative).

The 2022 Night Of Ideas, marked by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The sustainable city in the tropics

Second chapter of the series of conferences on urban biodiversity, this Monday Talk will look into the concept of the sustainable city, with a focus on the tropics and the specificities induced by a tropical climate.

Three experts joined in conversation and shared their expertise: Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang, pioneer of green architecture in Malaysia, together with Audrey Tan, from the Climate and Environmental Resilience group at Think City, and Dr. Ronald Hall, Senior Expert at the Regional Direction of Urban and Regional Policies at the European Commission.

Performer Aida Redza and designer Lisa Foo presented a video of their project Moved by Padi, originally showcased in 2016 during the George Town Festival, which recreated a rice field in the center of George Town.

This talk was moderated by Dato’ Dr. Ooi Kee Beng, Executive Director of the Penang Institute.


Conferences 2022

Talk – My Nutri-DNA

We all have a unique natural heritage: our DNA. Did you know that it is possible to eat according to your genes? Among other things, why do two people subjected to the same lifestyle and conditions react differently to the same diet?

The environment and diet are well identified as the two main factors that influence our health. The foods we eat directly or indirectly modulate the expression of our genes: this is Nutrigenomics. This part of nutritional genetics allows us to tell whether foods improve, degrade or preserve our health.

Limited seats available register before Monday 06 June: Click here

Conference – Exhibition Jacques de Morgan

Speaker: Dr Antonio Guerreiro, curator and Scientific Expert


Spaces, Landscapes and Peoples in upper Perak: Textual and Visual representations of Jacques de Morgan based on his exploration (1884).

As part of the Jacques de Morgan exhibition at the Alliance Française de Penang until March 4, the curator of the exhibition, Dr Antonio Guerreiro, gave a conference based on his work on Jacques de Morgan’s journey in Malaysia.

Jacques de Morgan is a French archaeologist, who, in 1884, at the age of 27, came to Malaysia to invest in tin mining. There, he gradually discovered the great diversity of Peninsular ecosystems: mangroves, ferns, mountain forests, bamboos and river trees fascinated him while he was mapping his way into potential mining locations.

During this voyage, he also took the measure of how the lands were transformed by man and how the men themselves inhabited the places he visited. He was one of the first to register the ways of the Orang Asli living in Perak and gives a very detailed rendering of the habitat in 19th-century Peninsular Malaysia.

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