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Défi Inter Alliances

The Défi Inter-Alliances international contest allows students from all over the world to compete for the chance to win a selection of prizes.

Win a 2 weeks-long vacation in one of the Alliances Françaises de France by taking part in the Défi Inter Alliances!

The Défi Inter Alliances will involve answering various questions about French culture, including a wide range of topics that will cover subjects such as geography, language, history, and art.

The competition is run in French only and general culture questions are also written only in French. Answers to the general knowledge questionnaire offered on the Kahoot platform will result in a count of the points and a ranking.

AF Brunei-Darussalam, AF Medan (Indonesia), AF Penang and AF Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) form together the “Asie du Sud-Est” (South-East Asia) group to compete in the international competition.

Registration is free, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to win!

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There will be numerous prizes along the way:

– For all participants in the Asie du Sud-Est group:  a 1-month subscription to Gymglish-Frantastique (personalized French online lessons delivered daily via email)

– For the local winners (Alliance Française de Penang):

1st & 2nd prizes: A RM100 voucher for a dinner at a French Restaurant in Penang.

3rd to 5th prizes: a bag full of goodies and surprises

– For the 3 regional winners:

  • 6-months subscription to Gymglish-Frantastique (personalized French online lessons delivered daily via email) and
  • 6-months online subscription to TV5-Monde (French television network broadcasting several channels of French-language programming)

– For the 3 international winners:
15-day language stay at one of the Alliances Françaises de France in:

  • Aix-Marseille Provence
  • Bordeaux
  • Cavilam – Alliance Française (Vichy)
  • Lyon
  • Montpellier
  • Nice Côte d’Azur
  • Paris Ile de France
  • Rouen Normandie

including tuition fees and registration fees, half-board accommodation and most of the transportation cost (see T&C).

There will be 3 stages to the Défi Inter-Alliances:

Local  – Alliance Française de Penang

  • Each participating AF with select internally, through an online quiz, its two best members.
  • Date: Wednesday 26th October – 7:30pm

Regional – Brunei Darussalam, Medan (Indonesia), Malaysia, Manilla (Philippines)

  • The two winners from each AF will meet online in the regional finale.
  • Date: Wednesday 9 November 2022


  • The two winners from each country will compete online in the international finale.
  • Date: Saturday 26th November 2022

T&C Défi Inter-Alliances 2022

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