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PrepMyFuture - Exams preparation

PrepMyFuture is an e-learning platform which will help you to prepare for your TEF or TCF certification test or DELF B1 or B2 exam.

PrepMyFuture training licence will allow you to:

  • Train efficiently

  • Simulate the exam conditions

  • Track your performance

  • Identify your weaknesses

  • Improve your skills with personalised exercises

Get ready for your exam with Alliance Française de Penang in partnership with PrepMyFuture!

What is the best way to prepare for TEF, TCF or DELF ? PrepMyFuture

PrepMyFuture, the official online exam preparation, is a 100% online self-study platform. It allows you to get ready for all types of TEF, TCF, DELF B1 & B2.

By the modern and easy to use interface of PrepMyFuture, you get ready in actual exam conditions wherever you are and at your own pace. On the PrepMyFuture platform, you access exercises adapted to your level and targeted to improve your weaknesses to take the exam.

To study efficiently

  • Adaptative learning

Learn at your own pace & faster with a difficulty adapted to your proficiency level.

  • Key learning contents

Review key grammar points and practise the same through course sheets and exercises that are organised by concepts.

  • Mock exams

Get ready for D-day! Diagnose your level via mock exams.

  • Detailed explanations

Identify your weaknesses through immediate detailed feedback.

Your registration is valid one year.

Prepmyfuture can be purchased with for the following exams:

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