Movie night!

Sip some delicious wine and watch some of the best movies of all languages! 

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Our choice for the March French movie is Amanda by Mikhaël Hers

Amanda (a 2018 film by Mikhaël Hers) takes a gentle and sympathetic look at the evolving relationship between a young listless man and his 9 year old niece when the latter’s single mother (the young man’s sister) is killed in a tragic incident. As the pair struggle to recover from their loss, they slowly and turbulently build on their relationship. A touching look at family ties and growing up. 
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Our choice for the March World movie is Zama by Lucrecia Martel

Zama, a 2017 film by Argentinian film maker Lucrecia Martel, explores life in a village in Paraguay in the times of Spanish colonisation, based on a novel by Argentine writer Antonio di Benedetto,
The movie follows the official Diego de Zama’s desperate attempts to get transferred to the capital Paraguay and his almost suicidal decision to take part in a hopeless adventure when his superiors arbitrarily deny him his repeated petitions. 
This film is a departure from Lucrecia Martel’s predilection for themes of “ennui” and decay within Argentinian bourgeois society and instead explores the equally pointless and erosive atmosphere of colonisation in South America. 
An enigmatic and profound meditation on what constitutes the human raison d’être and significance, beautifully photographed.