Movie night!

Sip some delicious wine and watch some of the best movies of all languages! 

Our choice for the March French movie is La Mort de Louis XIV by Albert Serra.

Released in 2017, this is the slow burning but riveting story of the last days of the Sun King Louis XIV as doctors, quacks, officials and courtesans flutter about in their efforts to deal with the approaching death of their master, while the monarch comes to face the inescapability of his mortality. Sumptuous photography and lighting and the remarkable performance of Jean Pierre Léaud as the king make this a mesmerising film. 

On Friday, March 1st at 8pm

2h. – English subtitles –

Suitable for adults over 15

Our March world film is The Wind Will Carry Us, by the great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami who passed away quite recently

a 1999 film released at the Venice Festival to wide acclaim. 

(my runner-up choice was “Where is the Friend’s Home”).

This is an enigmatic and oblique but very humanistic film about a team of film makers travelling to a remote and isolated village where they hope to film the local funeral rites of an old woman who is said to be dying. As they wait for the “event”, they interact with the local villagers and get involved in their way of life and customs. 

Imbued with sympathy and lyricism, the movie paints the village folks with a mixture of warmth, respect and humour which never resorts to condescension. This film showcases the director’s unique touch in depicting his country’s ordinary people. 

Suitable for adults over 15 –

English subtitles – 2h –

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