3 Elements

We would like to propose to exhibit the works of 3 local artists, one of whom actually is an architect. Each artist working with his own element.

 “Metal” by Aboud Fares, a well-known Penang based growing sculptor in Malaysia. He already has a permanent exhibition at the Kedah National Gallery. He iscurrently represented in private exhibitions. He was part of the emancipation of the arts in Syria after the turn of the millennium.

“Wood” by Anees Maani, a Kuala Lumpur based sculptor. Already well known in Malaysia and Jordan for his works using wood. He is represented in many private collections as well as some museums (Quatar).

“Water” by Nedal Balyh, a Syrian architect who recently relocated to Penang as a war refugee. In his water based inks he creates geometric patterns transcending the precision of his architectural skills into geometric patterns.

Venue: Penang State Museum and Art Gallery