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Mission of Alliance Française de Penang

The Alliance Française of Penang was founded in 1962 – constituted with respect to the Constitution and goals of the Alliance Française founded in Paris in 1883. It is an educational and cultural institution and serves as the leading centre for French language, French culture and francophone resources in the State of Penang and North of Malaysia.

The object of this non-profit association is the promotion of French culture and civilization generally and the dissemination of knowledge of the art, thought and language of France, exclusive of all political or religious matters.

Our mission & values

  • To build connections through French language and cultures.

  • To celebrate the diversity of students and global communities;

  • To blend the best educational and cultural experiences;

  • To innovate and propose new Learning tools and cultural approaches.

AFP offers:

  • French Language Classes for Adults;

  • French Language Classes for Kids & Teens;

  • Private French Language Classes;

  • Corporate French Language Classes;

  • French Language Certifications (DELF-DALF / examination center for DAEFLE);

  • Translation services (recognised by the Embassy of France in Malaysia as an official centre for French translation);

  • Library;

  • Cultural Events.

Alliance Française network

Alliance Française is the largest and oldest network of French language and cultural centres in the world with 832 Alliance Française in 131 countries. The Alliance Française founded in Paris in 1883, and which continuity has been assured since January 1st, 2008, by the Fondation Alliance Française. The Alliance Française chapters across the world are dedicated to promoting French language and francophone culture, to foster relationships between people of all nationalities, ethnicity, and backgrounds.

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