Movie Workshop

Watch your french

Any student, starting from A2 level can join this workshop during which, students will watch a full movie in French with French subtitles and then do some activities with the teacher on the vocabulary, the cultural aspects, the type of language used, etc. 

This month, the movie we will be working on is "Vandal"

Like the stolen car he is driving in circles, Chérif's life is going nowhere in a hurry. When he is arrested for the umpteenth time, Chérif's exasperated mother strikes a last-chance deal with a judge to send the troubled juvenile to live quietly with his aunt and uncle and attend vocational school. Chérif's earnest attempt to go straight is sending him directly to the doldrums, until he discovers that his even straighter-laced cousin Thomas is actually part of a local gang of taggers, who roam the night bombing walls and overpasses in the shadow of a mysterious tagger whose death-defying works have made him a legend.

Click on the video icon to watch the trailer of the movie

Tariffs:   AF members: RM40 / Non-AF members: RM60
When:   Sunday, February 17th, from 2 to 5 pm.
This workshop is happening once a month!​
How to register:   Send an email to until Friday, February 15th

The opening of the class is subject to a minimum of 3 participants.

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