Mandarin Language classes

Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages in the World. People from all over the world is trying to learn it. More and more famous people are learning Mandarin. Recently, Facebook CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerberg flabbergasted a group of students at Beijing University by talking in Mandarin. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, also studied Chinese at Beijing University. 

Learning Mandarin can make you smarter!

According to research, people who’ve learned Mandarin use both left and right sides of the brain, unlike English speakers who just use their left. Both left and right sides are required to distinguish words from one another that have the same intonation.

Alliance Française de Penang is starting Mandarin Classes from January.

Malay Language classes

Malay (also know as Bahasa Malaysia or “language of Malaysia”) is spoken by around 18 million people worldwide. Roughly 10 million speakers of Malay live in Malaysia, where it is the official language. Other large populations of Malay speakers can be found in Brunei (Malay is the official language), Indonesia (Sumatra), Myanmar, Singapore (Malay is a co-official language), Thailand and the United States.

Alliance Française de Penangis offering Malay courses. Get some basics in Malay language and know more about the culture and history of this wonderful country.

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